Alumni talk on ‘Design and fabrication of Vehicles for SAE competition’

24 students of the automobile department set out to build a formula one car for SAE Supra 2020.In order to help them and guide them the department invited Shankar, alumni of the department on 28/01/2020. Team had built a ATV for RCDC competition at BAHA held at Bikanar, Rajasthan.

He explained all the problems that he and his team faced when they were building their vehicle. He even had certain tips to the team and explained us how to face all the upcoming problems and that the entire team needed to be on the same mind frequency and that everyone had to understand the meaning of team. He explained all the issues he had to go through as a captain with not just the team but with everything else which is related to the team or not.

He narrated certain incidents which he thought was important or worth sharing and we could gain a lot of information from it. He also warned us against a lot of obstacles that we might face and reminded us again that we are a team and that there was no ‘I’ in the team. He helped us in understanding the path that we had to go down to finish the project and to trust the team mates. He also told us where to find certain components and it’s not always wise to get new components when a second hand alternative might be more suitable. The team in the end asked him a lot of questions and he happily answered them all and he reminded us again that it was a team effort and that we had to trust each other in order to succeed.