Foundry and Forging Lab

The foundry and forging Laboratory is well equipped with modern tools and equipments required for preparing the students in the field of casting and forging. It has very good infrastructure to facilitate the the faculty members/research scholars to fabricate (casting) experimental model for research/consultancy purposes and helping the UG/PG students in designing their projects. The students get hands on experience in different types of casting with different materials.

Material Testing and Metallography Lab

The Metallography Laboratory has been conceptualized as the starting block of material research in terms of sample preparation and finding out the mechanical properties of material. This facility will be helpful to prepare specimens capable of revealing the true microstructure of materials. Both the metallography and material testing sections are adequately equipped and competently staffed.

Machine Shop

It is a central facility equipped with various traditional and nontraditional machines for manufacturing products. It also has various modern machines such as rapid prototyping machines. This central facility is available for design and manufacturing of products to all the faculty and students of all the departments. Here various interesting projects of which some of them are patented have been developed.

Service and Reconditioning Lab

Brake drum skimming machine, nozzle grinding machine, valve refacing machine, connecting rod aligner, computerised wheel alignment and balancing machine, FIP calibration machine, two wheeler chassis dynamometer, tyre vulcanizing machine, headlight focusing and visibility tester. The Department focuses on imparting hands – on skills that enhance knowledge, application and skill level.

Automobile Engineering Lab

Six cylinder diesel engine, four cylinder petrol engine, single cylinder petrol engine, air compressor, cut- section of six cylinder diesel engine, cut-section of four cylinder petrol engine, clutch assembly, gear box, front axle, rear axle with differential, steering assembly, layout of car wiring, fuel injection pump

Engine Testing Lab

MPFI engine, variable compression engine, exhaust emission tester, computerised IC engine test rig.

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Lab

Metrology Laboratory is a very important part to the education and research efforts in different areas of engineering with wide variety of high-end measurement instruments. Apart from the academic requirements, the facilities are capable to support necessities of research activities. The well equipped lab has high end measuring instruments for linear and angular measurements. It also has various transducers like Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT), thermocouple, load cell and various surface gauges and form measurement facilities like tool maker’s microscope etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

The Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory introduces the learners to basics of flow behavior and fluid forces. Experimental setups such as flow through a tube, U-tube manometer, flow through orifice and nozzles etc are studied


The research and development for products with better design and higher quality is now a dominant factor of competition among many industries. This trend is supported by the introduction and successful implementation of modern computer technologies for product design. The high quality and technologically advanced products and services are the end result of integration of a series of processes and functions which are present in every enterprise, e.g. research, design, manufacture, maintenance, marketing etc. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory is developed with a view to train students to manage and execute the integration of all these different components

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