B.E in Automobile Engineering

Career Scope

An automotive engineer’s primary objective is to develop components and systems that provide maximum customer value at minimum cost, thereby promoting the industry’s profitability. Some automotive engineer’s focus is on one area of their specialty, while others have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the product development process, playing a more general role. Sometimes, the engineer works directly with customers, learning from focus groups and marketing specialists to develop a concept or find out what people want in an automobile. The automotive engineer also works with suppliers, manufacturers and assembly specialists while designing the components or systems. Most automotive engineers specialize in one of the areas such as structural design, exhaust systems and engines.

Nevertheless, all specialized automotive engineers perform similar duties in at least one of three general areas: research, design and testing. Researchers formulate theories and generate innovative ideas using mathematical and scientific projections and determining whether or not a plan will work. Designers take research products and put them into practice, trying to manufacture them. Quality inspectors literally test the products for safety and quality before they hit the marketplace. In engineering firms, automotive engineers may do all three of these tasks.