Innovations in teaching and learning:
  • Use of modern teaching aids like Smart board, LCD / LED projectors, Interactive panel, Internet enabled computer systems, Wi-Fi enabled laptops are usually employed in classrooms and other student learning environments.
  • Expert video subject lectures delivered by the various eminent resource persons are available in the digital library and it facilitates the faculty and students to utilize E-Tutorials of NPTEL, access E-Journals, Video Conference room, etc. This facilitates high attention grabbing mode of delivery; very good understanding of dynamic behaviour of the system, actual visualization of industrial environment. Teacher could also interrupt video play and emphasize points in achieving desired learning outcomes.
  • Audio/Video lectures by department faculty are made available to aid the students in learning crucial topics.
  • Faculty members use visual library, digital library, CATIA, MATLAB, ANSYS, YouTube and other Open Source platforms to make the subject easy to understand.
  • A copy of e – learning materials are available in the department.
  • Use of mobile applications: Mobile applications are used to enhance the teaching-learning process and facilitate advanced topics. Mobile applications like : quizziz mentimeter, mural, eduquiz, Automobile engineering, thermoprops, automobile dictionary, automotive engines , mechanical engineering, internal combustion engine, machine design engineering, engineering unit converter, fluid mechanics converter, basic mechanical engineering, 3D CAD Models Engineering, 3D engine Auto+, MATLAB mobile are used to help the students to understand the concepts better.
  • Webinars are organized by the faculties for students to give them information on latest trends in market and entrepreneurship.
  • To help the faculties to improve their skills, the faculties are encouraged to become members of National Digital Library (NDL). The faculties use study material and videos available in NDL to discuss the latest developments and complex topics in classrooms.
  • The lesson module materials prepared by the faculties are available in college website as well as digital library to benefit the students.
  • The faculties and students are encouraged to do innovative projects which can result in patents.
  • Use of advanced laboratory equipments in service and reconditioning lab like, computerized wheel alignment, computerized chassis dynamometer, fuel injection pump and pneumatic operated tyre changer machine to study the performance characteristics.
  • Centre for integrated research and development of bio-fuel, equipped with Multipoint fuel Injection (MPFI) engine, smoke meter and gas analyzer can be utilized for testing and evaluation of Bio-fuels.