Visit to Future Mobility show 2019

The Future Mobility Show (FMS) 2019, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has pioneered the transformation of India’s mobility sector. Successfully emerging as a convergence point for all stakeholders to come together for the development of future-ready and environment-friendly mobility products, the show will be remembered as a milestone in India’s journey towards a sustainable future

The FMS Expo, the largest showcase of future mobility products and technologies in India, saw participation from as many as 75 exhibitors. The maiden edition of FMS also saw participation from countries like Japan, China, Thailand, USA, Germany and the UK to provide useful insights into the global trends in future mobility.  As many as 15,000 visitors visited the show to experience the future mobility in action. Set to reshape the future of mobility, FMS was conceptualised to continue accelerating the deployment of new mobility solutions by taking into account Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 7Cs Vision on future mobility – Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean, and Cutting-edge. FMS 2019 also stressed on a technology agnostic approach towards finding futuristic mobility solutions that are relevant to diverse Indian condition.

40 Students were able to interact with industry experts from EV industries on various aspects of the EV, such as

  • Challenges in India for EV’s
  • Government policies for EV’s
  • Recent technologies in EV’s
  • Electric motor rating and specifications
  • Solar panel grid manufacturing and maintenance, etc